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Nose Art Panels

GG 008
492nd BG 048
sweet larhonda 013-2

Standard Nose Art Panels

Our Studio crafts standard nose panels that bring out the nose characteristics of each airplane. Standard Panels are typically painted on aluminum rectangular panels in sizes: 36" x 24"and 24" x 18". Most panels are made out of aircraft gauge aluminum. Entirely hand crafted from scratch each is riveted/diveted, formed, and/or drilled. All artwork is professionally applied using the finest enamel paints and will last virtually forever. 


Standard panels include:

  •    P-51 Mustang

  •    P-40 Warhawk

  •    P-38 Lighting

  •    P-47 Thunderbolt

  •    B-17 Flying Fortress

  •    B-25 Mitchell

  •    B-24 Liberator

We have many historical a/c nose art panels available in our store. If you find yourself wanting something not listed, we are happy to speak with you regarding a custom nose art panel. Please send a request through the website and we will work with you to create a custom design. Each panel, not just custom orders, is hand formed and hand painted solely by the artist, Dan. While some panels may be in stock and ready to ship, others may take 2-3 weeks to create. Custom orders will, of course, take more time in order to allow for design time. At the time your order is placed, we will do our best to give you an approximate completion date.

Custom work is priced according to the time and amount of work involved. Although there is no standard custom design price, the typical range is between $100-$400 for standard size nose art panels. A deposit of 50% is required, to begin creating your custom project. $100 of your deposit is a non-refundable amount which will be applied to your balance owed when project is complete and payment is due. Most panels can be completed in 2-4 weeks, but time will vary depending on the season and, of course, our work que. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Framing is also available if you want to make your panel even more striking. Panels can be mounted on stained oak board or on a beautiful black suede material. Panels can also be put on clear acrylic or mounted in a shadow box. Prices for framing typically runs in the $100 - $300 range depending on size and material selected. Please be aware that framing may increase shipping costs due to extra weight. Please contact us for a quote. 



Beautiful, red-headed pinup girl from WWII. Framed standard nose art panel by Dan McQuality.


SNAP Panels - Small Nose Art Panels

These panels are about 12" long and look great on a desk or shelf. SNAP panels come with their own hand-crafted aluminum stand. Typically, these panels are standard and available in our SHOP. These panels are not available for customization. We have well known nose art pieces featuring the Doolittle Raiders, the Flying Tigers, the famous 'Enola Gay' B-29 which dropped the atomic bomb in WWII, and other well known bombers and fighters.

McQuality Nose Art Studio (MNAS) produce
McQuality Nose Art Studio (MNAS) produce
21st Bombardment Squadron nose art panel
McQuality Nose Art Studio (MNAS) produce
McQuality Nose Art Studio (MNAS) produce
McQuality Nose Art Studio (MNAS) produce

Life-Size Nose Art Panels - So Close to the Real Thing!

For those who want the biggest and the best of what we have to offer, nothing makes a statement of your passion for aviation more than a life-size panel! Imagine people walking into your business, outbuilding, hangar, or home and seeing what looks like the side of a military airplane hanging on your wall! Perfect for any aviation nut, these one-of-a-kind sculptures take artwork and conversation pieces to the next level!


Life-size panels can be created to look like any airplane you desire, from a WWII Warbird to a modern Jet Fighter.  The sky is the limit! Each section is painstakingly hand-crafted in the workshop to meet the same measurements of the real plane and to appear as if it was cut off a real plane. These panels are entirely constructed out of aluminum skin and typically attached to an fabricated frame. Despite their large size, they are surprisingly light and able to hang on any wall or structure.


The nose art itself takes on a life of its own when it is life-size and can be painted with greater detail than the smaller pieces. Each panel is painted with high quality enamel paint just like the original nose art was and will last for many lifetimes. We can recreate your favorite plane, honor a family member who has served by replicating their aircraft, or even paint your wife/girlfriend as a pin up!  


Please contact the studio for specific pricing. Pricing is typically between $400 - $4,000 depending on the work and materials involved.  Here is an example, if you wanted a life-size 4' x 4' replica of the Memphis Belle nose art without any windows or added features, this would cost $500. If you want a highly fabricated 11' tail section of a plane, this would be closer to the $4,000 range.  An 7' or 8' section of the cheek of a B-25 or B-17 where there are windows to be fabricated, more rivets to install, and more framework to construct, might be around $1,500 depending on the painted artwork desired. We hope that you see each life-size panel as a very special and prized investment of artwork that not only will be deeply enjoyed, but will be an investment in art that will always hold it's value and appreciate in value over time.

Ivan Kozhedub's Russian LA-7 WWII Fighter Tail Replica

Ivan was the top scoring Russian Ace and 3 time "Hero of

the Soviet Union" recipient. This panel resides now in an

aviation mancave in Kansas.

ScottAFB2010 492.jpg

"SWEET PEA"- Life-size replica panel of a B-25 Mitchell 


This panel is fabulous. Previously put on display at the 

Scott Air Force Base Air Show where show attendees 

raved about it. Approximately 7' long and 4' high, this 

panel was riveted and fabricated to look like the left 

cheek of a WWII B-25 Mitchell bomber. It is made of 

aluminum and riveted onto an aluminum channel frame. 

The nose art on this panel was both airbrushed and brush

painted with One-Shot enamel paints, to insure high 

quality and and to endure forever.  I made this panel 

the same as if it were my own B-25 back in 1944. I 

tastefully painted my lovely wife as a pin-up girl and 

nick-named it "Sweet Pea" after her, but it is a great 

representation of any nose art in WWII.  Being aluminum, 

it is surprisingly light for it's size weighing only about 

10 lbs. Hangs by D-rings attached to the backside.

the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

"MEMPHIS BELL"- Life-size replica panel of a B-17 

The Belle was recently restored and is now out 

on display at the Nation Museum of the U.S. Air

Force in Dayton, OH.  What a great historical

piece for your display!


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