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Hey the patches arrived today just as you said,…..I don’t know what to say,..Im thrilled, Im absolutely blown away by your work EVERY TIME!  I just love it, they are superb, just like every other patch I have asked you to do, its like you can read my mind thru our emails,…Im just so impressed and wished I had the talent and obvious patience you have to accomplish such work, its certainly a gift you have, a certain gift of talent that you possess like so many artists in the past, those original nose art artists, who did that! You guys did!, I look at that and think , man how do they do that, I just cant seem to see it in the same light, I say how can they make it look so good, if I tried and concentrated my hardest, I mean my hardest I couldn’t do a fraction of the quality you do !  Just amazes me, I just love them, I love them all, I cherish them, I wear them proudly and if anybody asks me I tell them where I got them, or who made them for me, I say I know a guy that does the most AMAZING work, and when the world finds out about him, well I aint going to be able to afford him no more! Haha,….But I love them, like always I do love them, not just for what they are, but because you made them from scratch and they are so very dear to me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Take Care, and always ..


CW04 Jason

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Hey, Dan!


Just wanted you to know the jacket arrived. HOLY MOSES, THAT'S PHENOMENAL WORK!  :D  I am blown away by it. I showed Bob Larkin.  His response?  "WOW!  This guy really nailed it!  It looks perfect!"


...Thanks for such an excellent job!

Steve R.

Author, Pandora Zwieback Books

       I just wanted to tell you I received my jacket back and I can't stop looking at it and showing others what a beautiful job you did.  Many of my friends and family know how important my uncle and his history mean to me.  You captured everything I wanted you to capture and would never change a thing.  You are doing a great service to many and I want you to know how special this is to me.  Thanks for using your beautiful gift to touch so many.  You done good and I look forward to using you in the near future for some more stuff.


Thanks again.  Take care.



 Wesley P .

JACKET Miss Texas.jpg
Carroll Jacket 002.jpg


I am 55 and my brother Mark is 60. It was an emotional unwrapping of the jackets and we could not be more pleased! They look absolutely fantastic. I don’t know if you kept any pics of them or not but I would be happy to be “testimony” on your website. I plan to wear it at the rally this weekend in Ft. Smith AND, more importantly, at Bikes, Blues & BBQ next Thurs-Sun in Fayetteville. I would bet big money that I get asked many times “who did your jacket for you?” I will tell them you did!


I cannot thank you enough. Please take care. Mark and I will get a buddy to snap a pic or two with us on our bikes with jackets on and send your way soon.





My Dad passed away Monday.

I just wanted to let you know how much he enjoyed the jacket and your artwork.  It meant quite a bit to him.

Thank you so very much for your gracious offer and ability to make that happen.  I now have his jacket, and it will always help me to remember him, and his contributions to our country, and that fun day that it was presented to him.

Just know that your efforts and work impact people, and that has a ripple effect - in a good way.

God bless you and your family, and I continue to prayer for the health improvement of your wife.......


Jacket Presentatiion Dad_edited.jpg
patches on jacket 009.jpg

DAN!!!  Wow!  I started crying when I saw it.  Don't change a thing.  An artists' first impression is usually the best.  I LOVE it.  Please forward the bill so I can get that baby back and on my back!!!!   Man, you rocked it.  I knew God and my uncle led me to you on 9/11 for this.  Thank you brother.    


Just another note to let you know how happy and impressed  I am with the patches!  My tailor thought they were beautiful and asked if I had them custom made.  She also asked if my jacket was vintage---it looks like it could be an original with it's aging marks.  I am going to take some pictures of the  patches on my Real McCoy's NZ jacket and forward them onto you in a bit here.  The tailor asked $20 each to sew them on, so I'll wait a few weeks before sewing them on, but I thought you might like to see how the look, so I'll lay them down on my A-2 to give you an idea of my jacket with the patches on it.


Thanks again!!! 


You've earned my repeat business in the future!!! 


John M

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