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Leather Patches


All patches are hand painted on quality leather with a special paint formulated specifically for leather. Each comes with a life-time guarantee not to chip or crack. 


Most patches are available in 2 sizes.

  • 3.5" is the typical size for sleeve patches

  • 5" or 6" size is usually placed on the chest

If a different size is necessary, no problem, let us know and we will make to your size specifications. 

We have an extensive collection of patches and logos on file and in our store. If you do not see the unit you are looking for or if you have your own image that you would like painted, simply send us a message through the website and we will be happy to paint that image onto a patch.

The Look:  Aged or New

Some people desire their patches to look brand new and bright while others prefer a vintage and aged look. Most of our patches are painted to look new, but if your preference is vintage, please make sure that you select that option when ordering a patch.


A Note From The Studio On Patch Variances

Original WWII patches were all hand painted. They were done by different artists, with different paints & supplies, under different condtions, often in different countries, and all this over a 4 year time period. Because of this, original artwork of WWII patches will often differ in style, color, and borders. The images found on this website are the best portrayals of each unit's logo that I have found in my research. However, if you are seeking to have a patch replicated that is different from what is shown, please reach out to us through the website and Dan will work with you to reproduce a patch similar to your image.  

Can You Paint The Patch Directly On My Jacket?

If you prefer to have your patches painted directly on the jacket, we do this all of the time. There is no additional charge other than return shipping on your jacket. Both methods were done in WWII.

Can You Sew Patches Onto My Jacket?

I have a professional with an industrial sewing machine that does the sewing of our patches onto your leather jacket.   The cost is $15 to have the first patch sewn on and $5 for every additional patch. This pricing is for all patches in a single transaction. Patches are sewn directly through the liner as opposed to having the liner removed and the patch sewn only to the leather portion of the jacket. I recommend checking with a local seamstress if you wish to have your patches applied with the liner removed.

Hand Stitching

Some original patches were hand stitched with an awl, gut string, and a leather needle. It is considerably more time consuming because we must precisely measure and mark evenly where each stitch will go, then carefully pierce and thread through the 2 pieces of leather and the liner.  We offer this service for $25 per patch.  

Do You Make Layered Leather Patches?

We can. Although most of our patches are only painted with artwork, we can cut and stitch leather patches together.

What is an Escutcheon or Pedestal?

Looking for something a bit more stylish? Try either of these! An escutcheon is to a patch, what matting is to a picture. A larger, similarly shaped piece of leather with an opening cut out, is sewn on top of the patch to frame the patch and give it a beautiful finished touch.  A pedestal is a solid piece of leather which the patch is sewn directly on top of, elevating the patch.  These can be purchased and applied by us to any patch we sell.

Name Tags, Wings & Insignia

If your jacket already has jacket art on the back, don't forget to deck out the front of your jacket with a hand-stamped leather name tag. Name tags are an inexpensive way to further personalize your jacket.

  • We hand stamp 4" leather name tags

  • Leather flight suit name tags can also be made by us.

  • All rank on leather is available upon request as well. 

  • We emboss or hand paint:

    • Navy pilot wings

    • WWII pilot wings

    • aircrew wings 

    • bombardier wings

    • ariel gunner wings

Leather military A-2 jacket name tag customized
Military leather jacket name tag WWII A-2 jacket
Military leather name tag jacket G-1 A-2 B-3 military
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